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Having tried everything else, I ended up exactly who I thought I was at 12: a pro geek, a hopeless romantic, a bookworm, a total weirdo.

The difference is, I'm proud of all of it.

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anise everything, armitage hux, being a mahou bidanshi, big clunky boots, chaos, cloudy days, eating flowers, education, ethereal vocals, extra frosting, faerie court dramas, fairy tale retellings, fairy tales, fake hair, fishtank enthusiasm, fun with computers, goth nonsense, hallucinogenic science fiction, hand me my leather, hannigram, having a sense of humor about it, helper dog, horror but not the lazy kind, how much more interesting the outer scouts are, indexing series, introvert pride, jackie suzanne she made it that way, japanese fiction, kylo ren's eight pack, kylux, language, learning to sew, literary nonfiction, magic rocks, mahou shojo life, making the house smell like incense, math, messy buggy code, music loud enough to wake your bones, not cat, october daye, peace, piano trickery, poetry, rapunzel, really weird books, sca, skateboarding, sleeping beauty, society for creative anachronism, star wars, tarot, that girl's bronco ii, that spooky june cleaver life, the desperate struggle to keep my plants alive, the inherent superiority of violas over violins, thunderstorms, unusual human variants, zines
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